Friday, November 16, 2012

Solar Roofing And Panels

Many of you have probably already heard about solar roofing and its benefits and are possibly considering this. If so there are just a few things you may need to do in order to get your roof top solar ready.  There are certain steps that are required before installation and this will give you an idea of what is needed to complete installation in order to make your roof ready for a solar panels system.

Before installing your solarpanel system, you must begin the process with a site and roof evaluation. This includes:  wind loads, roof warranties, useful life remaining in the roof system, solar orientation and usable roof area and location of the building’s electrical service.  Permits and a plan must also be considered before installation. This will finalize the installation and should include panels, positioning and overall PV design. An evaluation is important as it will determine the use of a building’s energy consumption and can give you an idea of how much energy is being saved.  In the evaluation, included should be a walked roof and a report should be prepared indicating if there are any deficiencies with the roof. This may include any cracks in the roof, open seams, ponding water or punctures.  Especially if the roof you are working on happens to be 10 years or older, any open seams should be sealed and if there is any current damage it must be repaired.  Inspecting your roof is a good idea to ensure that there are not any other abnormalities in the roof.  If you find a sag or deep depression in the roof, it could indicate a weakness in the roof and will require correction. 

Roof size should also be considered when doing PV evaluation and preparation.  Roofs require south-facing space in order to accommodate a PV system.  In some areas, such as the northern hemisphere, the southern exposure to the sun is ideal especially when it’s full force.  However, in any case panels can be oriented to the southeast or southwest without decreasing its performance.  Remember that panels should be free from obstructions and shading as it can block the sun.  You also need to make sure there are not overhanging trees or any other surrounding buildings close by.  So there you have it, these are just a few tips to consider before installing your solar roofing system.

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