Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Steel Buildings and Recycling

Green is becoming popular these days and the reason for this is that they provide eco-friendly, green steel building design and a variety of selection of wall panels, metal roofing, standing seam roof system and much more.  More and more building owners are now looking into green products to add to their steel building to create a greener, eco-friendly building.  The great thing about green building is that steel building products and materials contain steel from Nucor steel mills which includes sheet metal, plate, bar and beam making this recyclable.  The average amount of steel being recycled is over 80%.

Those of you who are in the market for a steel building, you can find a variety of green structural systems which also includes clearspan rigid frame, modular rigid frame, tapered beam and lean-to.  All products can be found in standard or long span options.  Better yet if you’re looking for crane support or mezzanines, they too can also be found and included in any green building package.  The good thing about these packages is that they can be designed in any size to achieve the perfect design for your building requirements.  Most companies will design your building in a way that will meet the owner’s building needs.  Green steel building also includes code of standard practice for steel joists and steel decking as well as for roof applications.  

Waste that is created by buildings is one-tenth compared to wood.  All other steel waste is 100 percent recyclable.  There are no limits to how often steel can be recycled.  The most industries recycle steel more than any other product such as glass, paper and plastic.  Some facts about steel – every ton of steel that is produced uses one-third less energy than what industries manufactured over two decades ago.  Water being used by manufacturing companies undergoes cleaning and recycling.  It was reported by the American Iron and Steel Institute that they are trying to continually work towards reducing carbon emissions during the steel making process. This will also mean that they will replace carbon with hydrogen as fuel in blast furnaces.  Steel Buildings tend to be lighter in weight than concrete or wood buildings. They also require less space when compared to other materials such as masonry or wood. Most industries tend to construct steel by prefabrication panels which contain insulated layers of foam.  Steel buildings are great for a greener environment and a major plus for recycling!

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