Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pros of Steel Homes

You’ve probably heard that steel framing is one of the more popular options these days for homes.  Compared to the traditional wood homes, steel buildings are making a come back in the construction market today.  Now, some areas such as Hawaii, they are using steel framing for all their homes especially here where many natural disasters occur. Steel tends to be strong enough to withstand these weather conditions.

When you’re looking to build long term, steel plays a great role in longevity.  It can promise to give your building years of life from up to 50 years and over providing yearly maintenance.  Aside from this, steel is a very durable product and won’t rust like some of the other product on the market.  Materials such as wood will rot and warp over time but steel won’t and the walls of your mom will stay perfect straight right up until the very end. How’s that for a steel building?  As mentioned above, the number one reason for choosing steel over wood is that homes will be resistant to severe weather such as hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.  Most steel homes are built to those standards so that they will remain standing and safe even after weather disasters.  Another great quality of steel is that it is bug resistant, which means that most termites will not be able to find a home in steel and bugs won’t be able to eat through steel as they do with wood.  Any structural damage that occurs with wood cannot occur with steel. 

After reading about some of the advantages, you may wonder how much a steel home may cost.  Well, although steel frame homes can be quite expensive and are competitive, the cost can equal to almost the same as traditional materials, construction costs etc.  Consider that the time used to use screws rather than use nails can often be the same.  However screws cost more.  Another drawback can be the insulation because most steel homes require a lot more insulation to insulate a home.  This is another area where costs may go up, however it will be worth it in the long run given the outstanding advantages that steel has to offer. 

Another piece of advice when construction a steel home is to make sure you find the right people for the job. Skilled and experienced workers with experience in the steel industry are essential.  For proper erecting and insulation of your steel home, it must be done correctly in order to reap the advantages of steel buildings.  When installed effectively, you can expect to see your home last for over 50 years!

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