Thursday, February 7, 2013

Eco-Friendly Flooring

You have purchased your new steel building and are now looking for materials for your flooring?  Well, if you’re interested in Eco-friendly flooring, there are tons of green friendly materials out there.  There is a big selection of renewable flooring materials in the market today.  You can choose from a variety of Eco-friendly options to make your home a greener friendly environment.

If you’re wondering what type of flooring to install in your new steel building, consider reclaimed flooring.  The quality of this type of flooring is often of better quality than newer materials and it happens to use less energy, is Eco-friendly and of recycled content.  According to researchers, they have determined that wood flooring consumes 13 times the energy used in reclaiming wood floors. Wood flooring happens to be a renewable resource and most foresters use this process in order to produce wood which is Eco-friendly.  Foresters tend to oversee forest management and some of them provide a database to retailers to indicate which products they certify and this includes types of flooring.  Another good choice for flooring is cork parquet.  According to a study performed in 2009 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Building for Energy and Environmental Sustainability life-cycle assessment process, states that cork flooring had the least environmental impact.  Cork parquet is made from recycled cork waste and can last as long as 50 years.

Other flooring materials include natural linoleum which is also made from renewable materials such as wood flour and linseed oil and it biodegradable and nontoxic.  It also requires almost no maintenance making it a popular choice for home and office.  This type of flooring only lasts up to 30 years.  Linoleum comes second to cork parquet for an environmentally friendly impact.  Another hardwood type material is bamboo.  Growers of the product were able to produce this in three to six years without much need of fertilizer.  Products produced from bamboo are potentially toxic and very include populating chemicals when manufactures and are usually shipped long distances.  However, you can get certification for some bamboo flooring products.

When shopping for flooring materials, keep in mind that all bio-based certified flooring varieties are environmentally friendly.  You can determine which products are best by cost, availability and maintenance requirements.  Another factor to consider is in the flooring market, wool carpet had the most environmental impact.

When searching for Eco-friendly flooring it can be difficult to find products that have certification in an environmentally friendly impact. Conducting research and gaining info on these products to find out if they are certified is a good idea to determine if it is a good product for your home. Be weary of some products that may be Eco-friendly and are actually not.  Do your research and contact a few flooring companies.

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