Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Eco-Friendly Paint

When considering paint for your steel building, a lot of the times you may want to buy something that is better for our environment.  You can now find eco-friendly paints everywhere.  When you’re looking for the paint, the term for eco-friendly paint is zero VOC paint or low VOC paint.  Eco-friendly paint can make a big different in your steel building and will improve the air quality inside your building. 

Paints and stains happen to be one of the leading causes of unhealthy indoor environments. The reason for this is because the chemicals from the paint also known as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) usually will impact the air quality in your steel building in a very negative way and can do so for many years.  You’ve probably noticed in the past when you have painted using VOC paint, freshly painted walls give off a really strong fume which comes from VOC and is very bad for your health.  After the paint dries, the chemicals are released and will set into the atmosphere without you even knowing it and will create a very unhealthy area.  If you’re curious about these compounds, they can be found in most cleaning solutions, paints and stains.  

If you’d like to buy eco-friendly paint here you will find some important tips to consider when purchasing zero VOC paint.  The first thing you need to consider is most manufacturers refer to low and zero VOC paint as white untinted paint.  When using paint with colour, this can add to VOC levels making it higher and unsafe.  If purchasing with colour, make sure that the VOC levels are low or zero.  Keep in mind that the lighter the paint is, the few VOCs in it and for darker paint, they tend to have higher levels of VOC.   Also the flatter the shine of paint is, the lower the VOC will also be.  Oil based paints tend to have a higher VOC then water based paints.  When painting, make sure to keep your windows open and the area well ventilated and this goes for any type of paint you are using.  Also, different certification organizations tend to have different criteria for low and zero VOC paints.  Do your research and try to find a paint that is eco-friendly.  Different types of paint will have different thresholds for VOC levels that will classify them as eco-friendly paint. 

When painting, be prepared.  Research the different types of paints that are in the market.  Finding the one that is best for you and your metal building is important.  You want a paint that is good for your metal building, but also good for the environment as well as your health!  Determine which paint colour is best whether it is darker or lighter; all paints have different VOC levels. 

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