Friday, February 1, 2013

Facts about Steel Construction

Steel is becoming the number one building material due to its many benefits. More and more building owners are opting for this building material for their construction projects. Did you know that over 500 million tonnes of steel are being multicycled all over the world each year? That is equal to 180 Eiffel Towers every day!  Research conducted has shown that 99% of steel coming from demolition sites in the UK are either recycled or re-used. Each Year, over 80% of all scrap steel is captured and recycled. This percentage increases in poor areas.

Recycling content should be a program that encourages us to recycle materials especially steel.  Keep in mind that materials that are recovered and recycled close to their maximum, recycling may not be a good idea. The good thing about recycled content is that it has no effect on our environment.  The only negative impact it has are it may raise costs and emissions. All steel is recycled and can be recycled multiple times. Keep in mind that all recycled material is different by the route.  If it is a large scale of steelmaking being processed, this may be a significant recycled content.  During the recycling process if a figure is needed, it is recommended that applying a value of 60% recycled content. 

A wonderful benefit of Steel construction is that it is fast, clean and quiet.  This means that there will be no disruption in the community. Because steel construction is carried out in small groups of professionals, you can be sure that the project will be carried out in a consistent manner that is safe. Steel is manufactures and pre-fabricated off-site, this means that workers will be in a stable work environment. Steel built buildings are light, airy, and very popular to the construction industry.

Using the material steel for your steel building is a great product and will produce many benefits now and in the long run.  Steel buildings are durable, low maintenance and affordable.  They can withstand treacherous weather such as earthquakes, tornados, windstorms and many others.  They have been known to stand up to terrible weather and last a very long time as much as 50 years and more.  If the buildings are cared for properly and installed correctly, you can expect to see a very long lifespan.  You will save a large amount on electricity bills and costs as these buildings are eco-friendly.  They will not harm us in any way and can be used for residential as well as commercial, office, and agricultural buildings.   

Steel buildings are gaining major popularity as steel lasts a long time, is recyclable, and is very durable. The best part about steel is that at the end of the lifespan of your building, you can then take it apart and re-use the parts for other buildings!


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