Thursday, February 28, 2013

Steel Performance

Looking to purchase a building?  Consider steel for your next building project.  Steel is the perfect medium for pressing panels and can look like several conventional materials such as: asphalt shingles, clay tiles, wood shakes and even concrete tiles.  A granular finish can add texture and a rich colour to the roof. This is a much better option because granules experience limited fading and require no maintenance over the roof’s life.  Although standing seam is most popular, the different between this and stone-coated steel roofing systems are that it has a interlocking system of horizontal panels. It is easy to install because the horizontal panels are fastened through the panels nose and into a batten, or direct to the deck utilizing a hidden-fastening system.  Unlike vertical metal panels, smaller panels do not experience the same expansion and contraction issues. They have been tested to withstand 150mph winds and have variations in the fastening method.

The stone-coated steel is becoming very popular, particularly the 2010 G-8 Summit which is being held in Huntsville, Ontario.  The best feature about this one is its sensitive landscape and pristine natural beauty.  The style of this building needed to harmonize with its environment. Because paint was not an option for this roof and asphalt shingle roof would not work because of its oil-based byproducts that would contaminate the ground water.  This project is not only known for its pristine landscape but also its freshwater supply. Decra, runoff water from the stone-coated steel has drinking water standards set by the World Health Organization.  No oil based products used in the process, making it very safe to drink.  

Stone-coated steel is also gaining popularity for its energy efficient products and also serves as a platform for solar panel and solar thermal collector systems. If you’re looking for an alternative, a solar thermal collector system installs under the roofing material horizontally between battens. The metal casing which encapsulates the tubing, sits directly on the deck and under the roofing material. This keeps the roofing material from sitting on the metal casements.  After many years, or at the end of the life of the building, keep in my mind that stone-coated material is also recyclable and can and will be reused for another building project.  If you your building also consist of steel material it too can be recycled and reused but most importantly it will be good for landfills.  Keep in mind that any stone-coated steel roof can be installed over any existing materials, many old materials are diverted from valuable landfills space. 

If you’re looking to combine the performance of steel with a traditional roofing product, consider stone-coated steel.  There are many benefits, including energy efficient ones with this product. It is safe to use and great for the environment!

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