Friday, March 29, 2013

Vancouver: A Leader in Green Construction

Vancouver Convention Centre. Image Source: Wikipedia.

Green construction has well established its roots in Canada, especially in cities like Vancouver. This particular city has become a focal point and a golden standard for environmental sustainability, thanks to a wealth of green construction projects that abound in the area.

The list of green construction projects in Vancouver is quite extensive—thanks to the support of major construction firms, the government, and the local residents. 

One of them is the Millennium Water Olympic Village, which was one of the main sporting areas in the 2010 Olympics and a true engineering vision completed on a contaminated industrial site. Thanks to the five architectural firms and over 40 engineering companies, a common vision of advanced community development was developed on 130,000 square metres. It has addressed several environmental issues, including climate change and energy management.

The University of British Columbia Sustainable Buildings are another prime example of how green buildings can help further the noble cause of education. There are over 400 institutional and residential buildings in the university, which makes them easily one of the largest contributors per environmental footprint. UBC has turned what could otherwise be environmental chaos into sustainability by pioneering green building practices as early as the 90’s. With its Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, UBC has managed to define green communities and green buildings in the university setting. In fact, it is one of the models followed by universities across Canada.

A third example is the Vancouver Convention Centre, with the largest green roof in Canada. How it managed to bring together several green building elements together in the country’s largest green facility in the country is truly a wonder. 

A large number of organizations, including the Vancouver Regional Construction Association support sustainable construction. 

The amazing aforementioned developments in green construction within Vancouver show that environmental sustainability is not an effort by only a few construction firms. In order to gain momentum on sustainable construction, everyone must join in on the cause and form a united front—that includes us, Norsteel.

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