Friday, April 26, 2013

The Wonders of Steel as a Buliding Material

Close up of steel. Image Source: Public domain images.

As the green trend in construction continues, there is no place for construction materials that are not environmentally sustainable. While several materials have been ruled out as obsolete, one material stands the test of time: steel. With its many benefits, there is no doubt that steel will continue as one of the choice materials of construction firms like Norsteel in prefab buildings.  Here are the three top reasons why steel is healthy for the environment. 

1. Steel is recyclable
Steel remains to be a highly valued material because of its recyclability. Other building materials claim to be recyclable—but the difference between them and steel is that the latter won’t lose its performance or property value. Once the building is taken down, the steel can be used for a variety of other purposes. And yes, that includes making a new steel building. 

2. Steel is low-waste
Unlike other construction materials that generates too much waste and is therefore environmentally dangerous, steel generates almost no waste during the construction process. By the time the building is deconstructed, steel is often used for other purposes and is not dumped into the landfill. Steel also stands the test of natural calamities: unlike other materials that get easily swept by tornadoes and bad weather, steel will more likely survive.

3. Steel is energy-efficient
If the building owner wants to save energy in the long run, steel is also the best choice. Starting with the design process, the use of insulated panels can result in the decrease of heat going out of the interior while at the same time letting in as little cold as possible. Ultimately, this means that energy use in the building will be drastically lessened.
The use of metal roofs with cool coating will also reflect heat from the sun. This will regulate the amount of heat that goes inside the building, optimizing the air-conditioning.   

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