Saturday, May 18, 2013

Green Building Programs Abound in Canada

One of the many reasons why you should finally consider going green is to benefit from extensive lists of government tax rebates and incentives. Both businesses and homeowners stand to benefit many tax breaks from green construction. In Canada, the Office of Energy Efficiency at Natural Resources Canada has a laundry list of incentives for green upgrades. In fact, there are more than 200 green programs - both private and public sector - across Canada through national or provincial governments that will help you maximize the potential of your green home.

The agency also pioneered the High Efficiency Home Heating System Cost Relief program, where as much as $300 will be given to homeowners who replace their gas furnace with a high-efficiency model. Another program is the federal financial assistance for low-income households who retrofit their homes. 

One program, the Commercial Retrofit program, is administered by Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. and concerned with helping commercial, multi-residential, and institutional customers maximize their operations and identify high-return efficiency investments. 

Provinces also have green programs. In Ontario, the saveONenergy HIGH PERFORMANCE NEW CONSTRUCTION can give grants of up to 100% or $10,000 of modeling cost for approved projects. Office buildings, industrial buildings, colleges, hospitals, hotels, retail stores, and data centers can benefit from this program.

In Nova Scotia, there is the Commercial and Industrial New Construction (CINC) program, which will provide both technical assistance and technical assistance for commercial and industrial customers who are planning to build or retrofit a non-residential building. The program also has Core Performance Guide, a convenient tool that defines the criteria for a high-performance, green building.

These are only a handful of the green programs that unfortunately not a lot of homeowners and businesses know of. In fact, you can consult this map to know programs within your province or territory in Canada that can assist you to go green.

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