Monday, June 10, 2013

Are You Ready for a Green Home?

Door of the greenest home in Canada. Image Credit: Endeavour Centre.
Norsteel is a firm believer that the commitment to go green should extend beyond industrial and commercial buildings and into the comfort of people’s homes. 

A perfect model is a self-sustaining green building near Peterborough, Ontario—a home that calls itself the greenest home in Canada. It is currently for sale at $649,000, according to the Endeavor Center, a non-profit school whose commitment is to building sustainable buildings.

So what are the components that make this building the greenest home in Canada? Built over eight months, the 2,300 square feet home has three bedrooms, 23 windows, and even wheelchair accessible. 

  • The basement has a human waste composting system, which minimizes water usage by only using a tenth of liter every flush.  The system is not only easy to use but also eliminates odor—leaving the odor-free compost as fertilizer.
  • To avoid reliance on city water, the home has a rainwater collection system. 
  • The home was put together using environmentally-friendly and locally sourced materials within a 250 km radius. This means that there was a drastic reduction of carbon emissions compared to the construction of an average home.
  • It has several green features, such as triple-glazed windows and straw bale walls among many others.
The green home, though it may cost much as $60,000 to $80,000 more than the regular home, will save the homeowner more money in the long run because of the savings from energy and water consumption. The average homeowner pays $1,500 for heating, but this green home will only cost $350 annually for heating expenses. 

There are as many as 250 potential buyers who have gone to the open house. This just goes to show how interested prospective homeowners are to own a green home.

If you are interested in having a green home yourself, you only have to turn to a tried and tested sustainable building company that has been in the business of green construction long enough to know how to create a home as environmentally sustainable as you want it to be.  

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