Thursday, June 20, 2013

LEED Certification Gets Easier with New Cost Calculator

JustGreen Logo. Image Source: JustGreen.
EED certification? Now the process has been simplified so you can easily calculate if your building can be qualified. At Norsteel, we believe that green construction does not only have to be environmentally sustainable, it also has to be cost-effective. We have stumbled across an app that will give you instant green power quotes, to streamline your LEED certification process. 

The JustGreen Calculator, powered by JustGreen LEED from Toronto, is the first of its kind: an interactive tool that will help architects, engineers, construction firms, and enterprising homeowners get real-time quotes for their LEED points and for carbon offsets—just in time for the anticipated LEED v4.

All you have to do is enter the project type, the square footage, and the building location, and you can subsequently obtain information regarding the carbon offsets, the associated costs, and the LEED points you can get for your anticipated project. 

When asking for an instant quote, you will be asked for the project name, the building type (from office and education to healthcare), the square footage, and your email. You will then get instant quotes for RECS and carbon offsets. 

Carbon offsets, otherwise known as carbon credits are about equalizing your building’s carbon emission contribution by supporting green and environmentally sustainable projects. It is a great tool to increase your LEED certification, as you can easily get as many as seven points up by purchasing JustGreen’s renewable energy credits.

Of course, this is only important if you are planning full LEED certification, as carbon credits work on a more abstract level. If you are not looking to be certified, another suggestion is to instead use the money elsewhere, such as for energy-saving measures and installations.

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