Friday, September 27, 2013

The Modern Steel Industry: Positioning the Importance of Special Steel

With emerging economies driven by a stronger demand for steel, Norsteel believes it’s necessary to be at the forefront of the debate of the need to redefine the role of steel construction in today’s ever changing economic and environmental landscape.

China’s demand for steel has exponentially grown, as it currently stands as the consumer of 45% of the world steel consumption. Majority of this comes from steel construction, which further highlights the important role that the construction industry plays in tackling economic and environmental issues.
In a country, the higher the rate of urbanization, the higher the use of steel is. There is also a differentiation within the country itself, as an urban household is around 10 to 15 times likelier to use steel than a rural household.

Emerging economies like China and countries that have established itself earlier on must finally confront an important issue in steel construction; the production of renewable and non-carbon energy,  and a sustainable model. This is why there’s a need to offer energy-efficient steel solutions—such as the ones we in Norsteel have.

More than being a mere option, special steel has become not just an option, but an absolute necessity. High-strength quality steel structures require less material to make and are easily transportable, aside from the fact that they’re elegantly made and looks modern.

By using special steels that are easy to transport, operating costs are reduced, as well as CO2 emissions. It must be remembered, too, that steel is a fully recyclable material. With the use of special steels, you as a building owner are saying yes not only to having a building made of the best quality, but also to environmentally friendly practices in steel construction. Because contrary to what most building owners have been made to believe, it is possible to have a steel building at a low cost with the best quality.

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