Friday, October 4, 2013

Corporate tenants are looking for green corporate spaces—here’s why

If you’re a building owner, it’s about time to remove any cloud of doubt in your mind that corporate tenants are specifically looking for a green building. Companies now realize the value of green building and what they offer. Not only does a green building provide a healthier work environment, it also decreases the energy and operational costs of the company. Not to mention that it lures and retains talent.

Among the top reasons why corporate tenants are looking for a green office spaces to lease are the following.

1.    Reduction of utility consumption. There’s no question about the benefits that a company stands to gain by choosing a green building, one of which is to drastically lower the operational costs.

2.    Enhancement of corporate image. One of the most effective marketing strategies is to advertise your green building. As a growing number of consumers become environmentally aware, they consciously go for green options. When considering products or availing services, they actively search for products or services from companies that make green choices.  If you want to enhance your branding, your company better make the right choices—and it all starts with choosing a corporate space in a green building.

3.    Improvement of Employee Productivity. Many companies know by now that the secret to employee productivity not only lies in the internal motivators but also in the external environment—beginning with their workspace. Several studies prove that green workplaces enhance employee productivity and retention. 

4.    Leadership in the Industry. Companies are scrambling to move into green corporate spaces because they do not want to get left behind. At a time when going green is considered innovative, companies can’t afford to jump into the green movement too late in the game. These years are the transition years, when companies can either move into green corporate spaces now or get left behind. 

These are just four of the major reasons why companies are on the lookout for green buildings—and these are precisely the reasons why you should renovate or build one before it’s too late. As a building owner, the question is: will you resist or embrace the green movement?

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