Friday, October 18, 2013

Improving Your Green Building with Air Curtains

Does your green commercial building have any use of air curtains? Air curtains, which functions by discharging a stream of air below an open doorway in order to divide the indoor and outdoor conditions, are often placed inside the building, on top of the door way. One of its mains purposes is to help keep out the cold or heat and therefore lessen energy losses. Aside from this, it also prevents dust and flying insects from getting inside the building. With air curtains, occupants are assured comfort. 

Several models for air curtains have been released, with different applications depending on the industry. You might want to consider installing them if your Norsteel prefab building is used for any of the following purposes:

1. Commercial Farming
The application of air curtains has found significance even in commercial farming. For instance, the Family Dairy farm located in Prairie du Sac, Wis. Installed air curtains for its 680-cow farm, which suffered production details during winter because of freezing in its automatic milking equipment that are located near milking parlour entrances and poses a potential threat to its occupants due to the slippery floors. 

These are problems that the heating system cannot address. Thus, the air curtains were not only able to separate the harsh environments outside from the interior, and minimize vapour air pockets from forming inside.

2. Hotels, Theaters, and Lobbies
If your building thrives in luxury and aesthetics, you shouldn’t be deterred by how air curtains look and its possible negative effect on the aesthetics of your interior. Newer versions have in-ceiling mount air curtains that are indented into the ceiling and have a powder coating to blend with the surrounding. 

3. Food Service Industry
The same benefits of air curtains are apparent in foodservice and restaurant operations, where air curtains are able to improve the sanitation of the kitchen and shipping areas by warding off flying insects. They also help in saving maintenance and operational costs of a restaurant for hinged doors. There’s also a reduction in the usage and wear-and-tear of the compressor by as much as 27%. Ultimately, installing air curtains will pay back in as fast as 1.6 years.

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