Friday, October 11, 2013

Recent McGraw Hill study shows the exponential growth of green construction

A recent study by McGraw Hill confirms an exciting trend that’s sweeping the globe: green building. As many as 28% of professionals in the construction industry, including architects, contractors, consultants, engineers, and building owners are focusing on sustainable design and construction—that’s more than twice as much as 13% in 2009. More than half of firms, 51%, are focusing on green activity. By 2015, professional estimate that around 60% of the work will be about green construction. 

More than one particular category in green construction is experiencing growth, with new construction and renovation projects as the most popular types. Today until 2015, 63% of the firms surveyed have new green commercial projects upcoming, with 50% having green renovation work in the pipeline and 45% with contracts for green institutional projects (e.g., hospitals, schools). 

Interestingly, the motive for green building is no longer just ‘doing the right thing’, which was the primary reason that pushed green building growth in 2008. Now, the triggers are primarily market demand and client demand.  Health and productivity benefits factor in the equation as well, with 55% of firms citing health and well-being as the top reasons for green building. 

With the exponential growth of green building, how is Canada doing so far?
According to Thomas Mueller, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), the green building market has grown exponentially, thanks to the development of the LEED Canada. As of October 2012, around 610 million sq.ft. of projects have been registered under LEED Canada. 

The main motivation behind the growth is the support of the government, as many provinces have set mandates for green construction. By 2008 and 2009, though, the private sector has started turning to green building for commercial office and high-rise residential development. The demand went on in 2010, when some of the largest commercial buildings began retrofitting to fit standards of green construction. 

The Canadian construction industry is taking a closer look at green building, on account of climate change. It’s only a matter of time before a united consciousness of the positive impact of green building becomes felt across all firms in the nation.

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