Friday, November 8, 2013

Greening Your Pre-Fab Home

You've constructed your green pre-fab home, now what? 

Stainless steel. Energy-efficient windows. Hardwood flooring. These are the materials that houses in today’s day and age are made of.  Improved energy efficiency has become the new trend in the construction industry, owing to a newfound mindset of homeowners—that of practicality. 

This mindset was not present before the recession, and is more likely caused by several supervening events: the rise of energy costs and the affordability of energy-efficient solutions, among others. Norsteel, for one, believes in making green construction available and accessible for all, and offers a variety of options for homeowners, regardless of the budget.

According to McGraw-Hill Construction, the demand for green construction will only rise further, considering that in 2011 alone, 17% of the overall residential construction market comprised were green homes. In 2016, the rate is expected to reach as high as 29% to 33%. Whereas people before had to be convinced of the merits of green construction, today, they will willingly seek green solutions, knowing exactly what they have in mind.

Until now, however, there’s a certain confusion as to the different certification programs available.

The Different Certification Programs

You might have noticed those Energy Star blue stickers on your appliances. These qualify under the Energy Stay program, which is easily one of the largest green programs available.

Another one is the Challenge Home by the Department of Energy,. The ICC-700 National Green Building Standard, on the other hand, is administered by the National Association of Homebuilders. LEED, perhaps, is one of the most popular, with its LEED for Homes certifications.

Many home buyers find themselves obtaining certifications from different progams, without even knowing if the added cost is worth the rating.

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