Friday, December 20, 2013

Why Prefab Construction Should Be Your Choice this 2014

For the longest time, industry experts have been calling modular construction as the next big thing in the real estate industry. While modular buildings have definitely have undergone serious growth so far, this 2014, with the green revolution at an all time-high, may just be the best time for prefab buildings. According to the US Census Bureau, around 5% of all new homes built in 2010 were modular buildings. With companies and building owners realizing its many benefits, 2014 will be the year that modular construction makes its mark.

1.    Modular buildings are environmentally friendly and sustainable.
Rarely anything gets wasted in modular construction. For one the strips of sheetrock are used for the reinforcement of the seams of walls. The leftover lumber, on the other hand, are re-cut and recycled—some of them are given to local formers to be used as animal bedding. 

2.    Prefab construction is easy to replicate and efficient to construct. 
If its environmental benefits are not enough to convince you, consider the economic efficiency of modular buildings. Because the process of constructing modular buildings is precise, it can easily be replicated. This results in buildings that are around 5 to 20 per cent less expensive. These savings ultimately go to integrating energy-saving, water-conserving, and energy-producing technologies. 

3.    Modular construction results in highly trained workers. 
Supporting modular construction also means supporting an industry which trains people to become highly specialized in particular tasks. Each worker in the prefab construction process has a defined role: from having someone who’s an expert in sealing and insulating to having a dedicated sales staff that knows about the different sustainability features in a modular home. Because modular buildings are created in a factory and not on-site, builders are given assignments based on what they’re good at and are forced to specialize. Compare that to on-site construction, where builders work on the job they’re given, regardless of whether they’ve done the task before or not. 

These are just three of the major reasons why modular buildings are slowly becoming the top choice of building owners. As the happy clients of Norsteel would say, the quality of work is simply unparalleled.

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